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Encompassing the complete spectrum of Ship Management activities, specifically:

  • Crew Management
  • Vessel Operations 
  • Chartering
  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Sale & Purchase
  • Crew Travel
  • Marine Training
  • Quality Assurance
  • Vessel Registration
  • Budgetary Planning & Control
  • Newbuilding Supervision
  • Consultancy

Faced with ever more stringent regulations as well as a greater public awareness of our industry, the importance of reliable, professional Ship Management has grown considerably and, at Ship Sales International, this plays an ever increasing role in the safe, efficient and economical operation of all vessels under our Management.

We have the experience, resources and expertise to manage a complete range of vessel types and sizes, provide full nautical and technical support, combined with strict financial budgetary controls.


 Our Team fully appreciates that human resources provides the cornerstone of any successful organization and, as such, go to considerable effort to ensure proper vetting and selection of crew. 

All crew members selected are properly certificated as per the requirements of IMO and other international regulations. Individual crew appraisal forms are completed on a quarterly basis, thus ensuring a continual monitoring of crew performance.

Our Crew Management package includes such services as:

  • Initial interview, vetting and selection of crew
  • Medical examination & appraisal reports
  • Issuance of working gear
  • Payment of crew allotments and salaries
  • Joining and repatriation
  • Visa applications
  • Crew training
  • Crew welfare
  • Monitoring of appraisal reports


Our team is comprised of experienced office personnel who, in the past, have served both afloat and ashore in many areas of the marine business.

Our technical shore based team provides a full and complete range of technical services. This includes vessel maintenance and performance monitoring, regular visits, preventative measures, drydockings, upgrading works, special projects, safe operational procedures and application of the very latest classification and statutory rules.

Through close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, combined with our bulk purchasing power, we are able to obtain ship supplies at the most competitive rates.


AluminumNow is active through which all facets of operations, vessel liaison, agency appointment and bunker supplies are co-ordinated as required. 


  AluminumNow and our partners have a wide experience in placing of Hull & Machinery, War Risks and Protection & Indemnity cover, ensuring the very best possible security at the most advantageous terms and premium.   While in the past such security has often been covered with Lloyds of London, the world's lnsurance market  is changing and our company is working closely with  a number of select underwriters to provide the best cover possible for our clients.    .


AlluminumNow  follows internationally recognized accounting standards utilizing independent accounting firms.   Client's accounts are analyzed and acted upon as necessary.  Statements can be produced at any time to accommodate a client's specific needs.


  Our Team & associates have  the ability and resources to provide specialized technical and marine consultancy services to our clientele. This encompasses such activities as new building supervision, vessel inspection, pre-purchase evaluation, ship conversion and ship registration.