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AluminumNow is pleased to announce our association with Sea Transport Solutions of Australia to represent their production and design portfolio in Europe, Turkey & the Middle East.

This includes:-

1)Medium speed Ro-Ro cat designs, including ferries, (drive through and stern ramp only), bow designs for unprepared beach for military purposes, passenger, helicopter landing vessels, etcc.

2)Stern Landing Vessel designs 20m to 110m which enables bulk, container/feeder, tank landing, support & ro-ro including PSV & AHTS ship designs.

Sea Transport Solutions (S.T.S.) have developed a catamaran design for just about all possible commercial craft applications.  Some of the most popular commercial applications however, would include the following:

  1. Passenger Ferries
  2. Roll-on Roll-off (Roro) Vehicular Ferries
  3. Day Cruise & Extended Cruise Vessels (Power & Sail)
  4. Hydrographic Research Vessels & Offshore Support Vessels.


Sea Transport Solutions (S.T.S.) has an international patent on its' "Hydrodome" catamaran design which eliminates slamming on the underside of the catamaran's tunnel, and also provides good seahandling with a combination SWATH/Cat design. 

Vessel design sizes range from small outboard engine propelled vessels up to our 125 metre long Roro Vehicular / Passenger Ferry design capable of carrying up to 3500 tones of cargo deadweight plus our new PSV & AHTS designs.

S.T.S. have also developed a range of the extremely stable & efficient SEMI-SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) vessel concepts.  With their slender, "torpedo" shaped hulls, the SWATH offers unbeatable sea keeping and is proving to be the perfect solution to routes with adverse sea condition


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