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15m Commuter Cat Ferry

20m  Cat Ferry or Workboat

20Day Trip Cat

20m High Speed Cat FerryK20-408  Click

20m Pax Transit CatamaranK408-75

24m High Speed Cat ferry

24m High Speed Cat Ferry

24-28m Commuter Cat Ferry

24m High Speed Cat Ferry

24m High Speed Cat Ferry

25m Tourist/Charter Ferry470 pic

25.6m High Speed Cat  Ferry

26m Charter Sailing Cat  Ferry

29m High Speed Cat Ferry

31m High Speed Cat Ferry

35m High Speed Cat Ferry

35m High Speed Cat Ferry

37m High Speed Cat Ferry

38m High Speed Cat Ferry

40m High Speed Cat Ferry

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Technology, experience and commercial success are the key ingredients in the formula which has propelled our company and associated colleagues to a position where we are internationally recognized as a leader in the design of high speed catamaran ferries and commercial craft.  With more than 30 years of multi-hull design experience behind us, we and our colleagues are continually developing, effective new design concepts and construction techniques.

When it comes to high speed catamaran ferries and other commercial craft, we deliver the things that matter; low cost of construction, low cost of operation, seaworthiness and smooth ride. Beyond this there is that very important aspect of any design project - client liaison. We are proud of our ability to work with clients to ensure total satisfaction, this ability supported by the endorsements of many of our clients.

We and our colleagues are conducting ongoing research into low wash, sea-keeping and wave wake; our vessels perform as predicted by our research, instilling confidence in our ability to provide a superior product.  AluminumNow vessels offer a practical solution to cutting operational cost, without compromising simplicity of design or ergonomics.  

When you commission a AluminumNow design you know you are dealing with a team of highly qualified professionals. Our services include:-

  • Design/Build/Commission of aluminium or composite vessels

  • Technical support

  • CAD/CAM integration cutting data

  • Plan certification - DNV, Lloyds, ABS, BV and local survey authorities

  • Regular liaison with professional builders

  • Construction inspection

  • Drawings supplied in hard copy and electronic format.

  • Three dimensional (3D) renderings

  • Consultancy

  • Structural engineering and FEA

  • Interior design

  • Tendering

  • Owner's representative services

  • Finance Facilities

  • Immediate Build facilities in Europe & Asia

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Commercial Vessels

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